The wine estate Rita & Rudolf Trossen

The wine village Kinheim-Kindel is located in the midst of the ancient cultural landscape of the Middle-Mosel. Already the Celts and Romans were using the ideal climatic conditions to grow wine in the region. Five Roman villas used to exist within the borders of Kinheim-Kindel. In the gravel of one of those villas a unique statue of the Gaulish-Roman god of vintners and coopers, Sucellus, was found.

The soil of weathered grey and blue slate gives fine fruit aromas and stimulating minerality to the wines that are produced here. Wines from Kinheim are rarely heavy and alcoholic but of a delicate fragrance and contained in their saline and cooling zest. The Romans knew why they tended their vines here. Since 1978 we continue their efforts for a natural viticulture. With the help of biodynamic supplements we can incentivise the processes in the vineyards, so our wines can speak of their heritage. "With nature for good wine" is our motto, and our success speaks for itself.

Rita & Rudolf Trossen